Midnight Inspirations: Graphic Tees...Polyvore again?

September 28, 2013
Graphic Tees...

 Orange shirt

Blue crop top

Forever 21 torn shirt

Rainbow t shirt

5.  Boy Meets Girl Alice Tee

It's been awhile since I have played with my love polyvore.  I think I got lost with all the social media platforms that swept us up and over over the past few years. I was recently playing with all my apps on my phone and realized I had not tried out Polyvore since the days where I posted in these past posts below. So I tested the new app and voila it now connects to the blog and has all these cool photoshop fancy additions. I am always looking for substitutes to photoshop to make blogging easier on the go and something struck me about the ease of polyvore once again. Still in test mode for me but today posted these graphic tees and wanted to boggle all our minds about the state of social platforms and open the discussion to you on your feelings on graphic tees and polyvore :)?


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