My Tips: How to create this top!

February 24, 2014
This month I posted my creation for the Save the Garment Center(STGC) DIY project here
Below are my tips on how to get this look:

All you need is:
-a shirt you want to deconstruct, in this case mine was l/s and a darker color 
-waterproof drop cloth
-letter stencils (I made my own because I was in a crazy crafting mood but I suggest buying them pre-made)

Step 1:  I took this 3/4 sleeve shirt and cut the sleeves off on both sides. 
I was also playing with concepts but didn't end up putting the logo in the heart like this.

Step 2: I started to layout my design #behindtheseams on the back of the shirt. 
I created the letters by folding the painters tape in half to create fine letters. 
I also wanted to play with effects with different tapes so I made the #hashtag in scotch tape.

 Step 3: Always test the bleach effects. I tested the extra fabric I had left over from the sleeves to test the different bleaches. I found for what I was doing I liked the effect of the bleach in the spray bottle better then the bleach pen. But I do think the bleach pen is fun and something I will use in the future. 
The far right is the bleach pen which is thicker.

 Step 4: make sure to lay down the waterproof drop cloth in your shower and spray away with your spray bottle. Be creative on how you want to spray and how much. You can put cardboard in your shirt so you don't dye the front, but in my case I didn't do that because I wanted that effect on the front of my garment. Remember have fun! (I filled my spray bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach)
After let the shirt sit for 5 minutes and then peel off the letters.Rinse with water to stunt the bleaching process. 
 Throw in the dryer to seal your DIY design.

And voila! I also added a little touch of  the Boy Meets Girl® twill tape to give it a special flavor.


  1. This is just TOO cute! I wish I were crafty enough to make this! Love it!

  2. Thank you! If you follow these steps promise you will be able to do it ;) xx