Behind The Seams: Save The Garment Center (STGC) DIY Project

February 4, 2014
My 2nd home...the heart of the Garment Center

The Garment Center is where it all started for me as a designer. I launched Boy Meets Girl® in the heart of the Garment Center in 2001. I found the best sample makers here, I attended my first trade show here, I sold to my first stores here, and I care deeply about the community of apparel professionals who make their livelihoods here. Because of them, I am where I am today.  
I am thrilled that STGC has asked me to participate in a DIY project with other local designers to help preserve this unique part of the city that I love so dearly.

Save the Garment Center’s mission is to promote, preserve, and save New York City as the fashion capital of the world. Check out more information about Save the Garment Center here. Follow updates on Twitter and Instagram @STGnyc @Century21stores @TheCarltonNY @Caravannyc @Stacyigel @Boymeetsgirlusa, so you can see all the other designers involved in this amazing project. All the designs will go on sale on February 5th on
All proceeds go to Save the Garment Center!

My tee shirt design commissioned by STGC (front view)

 Back view

This #oneofeakind shirt goes live for purchase tomorrow on Century 21 here-

A special thank you to Claudine DeSola and her team for helping put this all together. 

all pictures shot on my iPhone 4s


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