My other baby...Boy Meets Girl Hits!

November 14, 2014

I have been struggling on how to write this post only because I have so much to say but want to keep it short and sweet (we will see if that is doable wink wink). The past two months have truly been surreal. My baby boy Dylan Reid was born on October 4th and my other baby Boy Meets Girl® launched on this past Monday on November 10th. Dylan was born three weeks early and a few days before he was born I was finalizing all launch items with my team and the Nordstrom team and ok from the hospital too (that is not a joke) and up until late late Sunday (Nov.9th) night (5amer)!  Dylan's early arrival took me by surprise but has been the biggest present in my life. As most of you who read my blog know I am 24/7 running my business, blogging about things I love, writing for , showing you what I wore to an event and taking you BTS with me and my fashionable, smart and witty friends.  So when I was recently interviewed by Social Stylate for their Boss Lady series and they asked me this questions...What does a typical day look like? I thought I would share with you my answer as it changed from October 3rd to October 7th when I arrived home from the hospital with my baby boy.

What does a typical day look like?
Well, my typical day routine has definitely changed since last month. On October 4th, I welcomed my second baby Dylan Reid (the first being Boy Meets Girl®) into the world.
Since October 4th, I generally wake-up at 4am to pump (I am breast feeding). While the first thing I do after waking up has changed slightly since my son was born :), I still make time every morning to grab my phone and look through all of my alerts that feed in from all my various social platforms and review emails that have come in. In between feedings, I find time to read WWD (my bible to what is happening in the fashion industry) 
and theSkimm (which is perfect highlights of world news for me). I usually post an Instagram post in the morning too (yes even on Maternity leave). And somewhere in between get dressed, have breakfast and kiss my husband :).
Below was my routine before Maternity leave and how it has changed on Maternity leave (in bold)…
-Before get to the office I usually stop in my favorite coffee spot, Gregory’s, and then start with reviewing emails and then the meetings begin.
-Now I get Starbucks from time to time around the corner from me and then after I finish feeding Dylan Reid I STILL review emails and respond. You’re probably asking what? Isn’t she on Maternity leave? Well my version of Maternity leave is being remote but I am still working from remote.-I break up meetings each week with my teams. So every week I have web, social media, sale, pr/marketing, licensing, and design meetings… In between those meetings my inbox fills up with 1000 emails and sometimes I am requested in other meetings. So my day can change from day to day as things always come up.
-I break up meetings each week with my teams the same way as noted above in red still on Maternity leave. In between feedings my inbox blows up even more (lol!). I make sure to spend quality time with Dylan Reid. We listen to a lot of music together (Bob Dylan, Wyclef, Bob Marley, Bon Iver baby playlist and much more) and I read a lot of books to him. We also dance and I am trying to teach him guitar while I am still learning. We also open presents each day together. Its like Christmas everyday and we are so grateful for all the love but if I didn’t keep up with all the presents the house would look like we were upside down so of course I have a google doc spreadsheet making sure my thank you notes are all going out on time and tracking all the goodies for DRI.  I have also made sure we enjoy walks in the park while the sun is still shining in NYC. And we get lots of visitors because everyone wants special time with Dylan. I am so grateful for our family and friends.-The end of the day is me time or at least I try to get that time. I leave the office anywhere from 7-10pm. I have events 2-3 times a week and try to work out during the week too.
-hmm well me time not so much in this new role as mom and business lady. But, the end of the day is special..Daddy comes home and we get to bond with our new baby. Bath time is amazing. Dylan loves the water!   I could write a lot more but I will save that for you all for another time.

So after a lot lot lot lot of work and a full year of keeping things a secret Boy Meets Girl® has launched in Nordstrom! The secrets are now out 2 babies have arrived! If you missed my post on the BTS of the prep of the photoshoot for this collection check it out here. Thank you to all the press this week covering this new collaboration. It is a dream. Thank you to my incredible team who have been so amazing while baby Dylan arrived early. And thank you all to involved along the whole journey both current and past employees!  And thank you to my amazing family and friends and my Dj Blue Steel for all of your support (is that a future CFDA speech? Hmm next goal 2015! Think. Say. Do. )

Make sure to check out the new collection and let me know your favorite piece/s and use the following hashtags on social so I can see you rocking the new line #boymeetsgirl #nordstrombp #nordstromsavvy. 


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