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Behind the Seams: Q&A with Alice Chater

Hard to believe this is my first BTS Q&A post of 2016 (it is worth the wait). You all know I try to keep up with my fast pace lifestyle running my brand Boy Meets Girl and our weekly muse features on the Boy Meets Girl blog and being a new mom! So when I bring you updates here it means I am really excited about the content and want you to learn about what I am featuring whether it be about an amazing artist, entrepreneurship tips, Midnight Inspirations, etc.  I have decided to give you these features in a new way.  You might have been used to my fancy layouts but those fancy layouts take a shxtload of time in photoshop for me and because I don't have anyone else updating my blog I thought I could scratch those layouts for 2016 and give you high resolution beautiful photos, video and even podcasts instead (it doesn't really save me that much more time but you get my drift)! Updating the blog by myself is a passion of mine so quality content is what I will strive for every time you get a post from me ;) This will also allow me to give you more content in my Q&A features. DRUM ROLL........allow me to introduce you to Alice Chater! 

I was fortunate to work with Alice in my most recent Subway Series shoot shot by my dear friend and incredible photographer Sophie Elgort and captured in the video below by Maddy Talias.  We met the day we shot this campaign and Alice's personality was so incredible I knew our shoot was going to go smooth. When you meet new artists on the rise which I do often it is such a great feeling to see the making of a star. Alice is a star on the rise. She has an incredible voice and she can dance too! She is a true artist. We shot the photos in this series literally in the Subway late at night a week before September NYFW. It was a true thrill for all of us. Get to know more about Alice Chater below in my Q&A exclusive BTS interview below. Thank you Alice for being an incredible artist to work with and being part of this campaign as well as this post. xo

Stacy: How would you style your favorite Boy Meets Girl® item? Alice: I love the boy meets girl playsuit, I would wear it with cute ankle boots and a choker. Perfect for an everyday look it’s my FAVE!  Stacy:  I think playsuit is what we call tracksuit as seen below by Justine Skye lol :)))

Stacy: What causes and/or organizations do you support? Alice: I very much support People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( Peta ) I love animals, and this organization is helping animals every day worldwide, it’s something I'm really passionate about.

Stacy: What is your favorite part of your job? Alice: Being able to create music so freely and working with amazingly talented people who understand me as a person and believe in me as an artist. I love connecting with my fans. It gives me a great feeling to know I have said something through my music that they can totally relate to and know that they’re not alone with their feelings. Stacy: Check out Alice's lyric video that dropped today!
Stacy: What have you learned about the work force that you didn’t know in college? Alice:  When I went to stage school it was very competitive , but i’ve learned since graduating from college you have to really fight for your dreams and be hungry for it. Being ‘good’ at something isn't enough, you have to really work 24/7/365,  be fully dedicated and extremely focused to get where you want to be. Stacy: This leads me to what you feel is the hardest part of your job? Alice related to me that finding a good balance between personal life and work is always a challenge. I too can relate to this one! 

Stacy: Favorite all time movie quote? Alice: You could always tell what kind of a person a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you. I must say, the mind reels -Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Stacy: Favorite thing to do in NYC/or city live in? Alice: Wake up in manhattan and drink good coffee in a beautiful coffee shop! Stacy: grabbed this sparkle photo from Alice's insta. How cute?

Stacy: If you could live out of the country where would you settle down? Alice: Maldives

Stacy: What’s your favorite..  Alice:  -website? Pinterest , -book? The Secret, gadget? Wireless charger,  guilty pleasure? Mint chocolate aero , midnight snack? Roasted vegetable cous cous packet.. So random I know 

Stacy: What's been your biggest splurge this seasonAlice: My platinum hair! Its been a nightmare to keep up. And I'm currently rocking dark roots so yet another splurge is due!

Stacy: Purchase steelAlice: I bought my favorite Moschino belt in the sale for like 50 pounds when it was 300! Ha!

Stacy: First jobAlice: When I played Annie in Annie when I was 11!

Stacy: Best Career Advice you ever receivedAlice: Believe in your dreams and keep pushing till you reach your goals. There will be a lot of setbacks and knockdowns but if you keep on trying, you will be rewarded someday! Stacy: AMEN AMEN!

Stacy: Fashion Crush/Muse Alice: Georgia May Jagger

Stacy: How do you decompress/relax ? Alice: I watch a lot of a lot of movies. Going to the cinema helps me relax cause there are no distractions, no PHONES or laptops or anything. I also always watch a movie in bed before I sleep. This isn't actually meant to be good for you, but it relaxes me and helps me wind down! 

 Stacy: What is your proudest career momentAlice:  Completing and co-writing my first debut EP.. I always have sung, performed since I was little but I never thought I would be a writer too, and that’s something i’m really proud of as it came as a bit of a surprise and now i’m also writing for other artists and top lining for DJ’s too! 

Stacy: Currently playing on your playlistAlice:  Alice Chater and.... Rihanna’s insane new album ‘ANTI’ My favourite song on there is ‘Same Ol Mistakes’. It’s a cover of Tame Impala’s ‘new person, same old mistakes’ track, and its the bomb. 

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