Why you should attend the In Living Pink Gala!

April 13, 2016
Photo c/o Spencer Kohn
Someonrecently asked me"Why do you dedicate so much time to charity?That was an easy answer for me I said, "because I love giving back. It's just that plain and simple." 

This year I was asked to be the In Living Pink's  Art of Survival Creative Marketing and PR Chair. presented by the Young Survival Coalition My first time being a co-chair on this YSC event was with my friend Kristen Martinezwho we lost in 2010 to breast cancer. When I met Kristen I didn't know she would be the one to change my life forever. I first met Kristen at my first volunteer meeting for the YSC and that same year we worked as co-chairs on the ILP gala. We put an amazing event together that year and years after, too. I am advocate for the Young Survival Coalition in honor of Kristen Martinez. The YSC empowers young women and provides support to young women diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

When I was first asked to be a co-chair of this year's event, I took time to think about this honor. I wasn't sure and actually wrote back to Danawho is in charge of this year's Gala, politely trying to turn down her offer. Dana wouldn't have it and wrote back, "Stacy, you can just be you. I am not going to demand anything else of you." 

"If I can be me then I will do it!" and here we are now.

So as the "Creative PR & Marketing Chair" I set out to bring together my creative friends to help spread the word on this incredible cause and Gala. I am so grateful for all who didn't even flinch and said, "absolutely Stacy." You have no idea how much you all mean to me for diving in and taking on the tasks with no questions, ifs ands or butts. I thank you from the bottom of my soul. This years Gala is going to be truly amazing and it is because of all of the hard work by the chairs and volunteers who have come together to make this event happen.

To make sure this Gala would be truly spectacular I knew it wouldn't be easy but I was going to try my hardest. 

My first mission was asking friend and photographer, Spencer Kohn, to be part of the Gala by capturing incredible young women survivors in a portrait series. This series will be showcased at the In Living Pink Gala. In a previous meeting with Spencer I remembered him mentioning to me that he lost his Aunt to breast cancer. She was the one who showed him what photography was. So when I asked him to take on this project I knew he would deliver an incredible work of art. Spencer took on the project with no hesitation and came back with his vision for this. He created a body of work that asks breast cancer survivors to confront themselves. Spencer explains, "This series captures two different portraits of each woman affected by breast cancer. The first image is the external view- the face that society sees. Strong, beautiful, but a mask.  When asked to look in the mirror, we encounter the truth, whatever that may be.


On May 20, 2016 at Three Sixty˚ (10 Desbrosses Street, NYC), Young Survival Coalition (YSC) and Spencer Kohn will present Internal/External, a photo series of breast cancer survivors commissioned for In Living Pink: The Art of Survival.  Presenting a multimedia expression of the breast cancer experience, the evening will feature works by some of New York's top established and emerging contemporary fine and performing artists, including survivors, co-survivors and supporters.  The event raises crucial funds for YSC’s support programs and resources for young women affected by breast cancer.
Photo c/o Spencer Kohn

My son Dylan Reid joined me and Spencer in Bushwick, Brooklyn on one of the days of the shoot. On this shoot, we also captured three of the women who are featured in our Boy Meets Girl Muse feature (which you can see on the Boy Meets Girl blog here). I stole Spencer's other camera and shot some BTS footage of Dylan, Spencer and some of the incredible women who are part of the In Living Pink series.


At the shoot, we were also joined by friend and artist Lily Lane (Mission #2) who will be performing an original song inspired by her day at the shoot meeting these survivors.  

Mission #3 was recruiting my committee. Thank you to Melanie Notkin (aka Savvy Auntie)Patty Kan, Traceye Smith and Tricia Vesey for coming on board and helping me spread the word! 

Mission #4 was to make sure you all come to see the incredible installation that Spencer Kohn has put together and watch Lily Lane perform among other incredible artists who will help to celebrate life both past and present!

Thank you again to all that have helped me so far, to my beautiful friend Kristen, to Dana who knew if I just stayed "me" everything would be ok and to all of you. 

If you can join me it would be wonderful because the event is truly one, very special night!

To get early bird tickets click here

Thank you to the incredible BENEFIT COMMITTEE & the YSC team
  • Corinne Menn, MD, Chair
  • Andrea Smith
  • Constance M. Chen, MD, PC
  • Stephen Malamud, MD
  • Amanda Rice Isentol, Chair
  • Ione Wilsmann
  • Joseph Dayan, MD
  • Melanie McEvoy
  • Stacy Robin
  • Stephanie Pendray

  • Jean Won Mosler, Chair
  • Erin Gleason
  • Jennifer Bolstad
  • Kristin Peterson Edwards
  • Kristin Smith Westbrook
  • Mary Elise Chavez
  • Pamela Grossman
  • Kate Dawson-Cohen, Chair
  • Mimi Ferraro

  • Stacy Igel, Chair
  • Melanie Notkin
  • Patty Kan
  • Traceye Smith
  • Tricia Vesey
  • Courtney Hagen, YSC Board President
  • Kristen Martinez
    (1974 - 2010)

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