I started blogging on 12/12/08, as my personal journal to share with you all my crazy life Behind the Seams™ of building my brand Boy Meets Girl®. Over the past 4 years it has evolved into more than just my journal entries. It now incorporates all facets of my life! From what I wore at events, QandA’s with my friends, Entrepreneurship 101, My Tips, my Midnight Inspirations (aka, Kate Moss & Johnny Depp), My “how to rock” Features on Olivia Palermo, etc .
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For today, tomorrow and the future!

In 2014 I announced I had a bun in the oven and ran this Mother's Day Giveaway. I cannot believe how fast time flies by and how different (in the best way possible) life is with my boy Dylan Reid (yes I recently started an Instagram for Dyl not sure if it will exist when he is 12 but thought it was a nice place holder lol) and he does have his DJ name #DJDYLANREID and officially will be taking DJ classes very soon...yes they have Baby Dj Classes (no joke) watch out Dj Sha! Over the past two years I opened up about getting pregnant in this article on Motherly, was featured as a tastemaker here on Buru and was asked to join the HeyMama amazing crew of working Mama's and featured here on their site. Being a mother and balancing a career and maintaining this blog as well as contributing to several others and being the chair for the In Living Pink Gala this year is a lot. But, somehow I have found some kind of balance or shall I say I am still figuring it out. I did however have a recent meltdown on Monday after being on holiday with my family and Dylan. Being a working mom and then having 10 days straight with my boy made it very hard Monday morning to make the switch. It is a constant struggle that I think all working Mother's go through. I am so grateful for what I do and having my boy. I wouldn't change any of it as it makes me who I am. But, I do cherish every second, every minute, every smile, every giggle and every hug and even the recent mood swings ;) So for working or non-working moms this is for you for today, tomorrow and the future.  Treat yourself. Happy almost Mother's Day! 

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P.S. Happy Birthday my baby forever Dylan Reid. 10/4/16, 19 months wow! I recently updated my instagram from new mom to new mom forever. Thank you for giving me such joy every single day. Life is filled with so much more now that you are here. I love you forever.

P.P.S. Thank you to all my lady friends for the mommy advice and my awesome sister mother of 3. 

P.P.P.S. Mommy aka Nammie thank you for teaching me the ropes. Watching you work when I was younger inspired me to build my dreams. You are an incredible role model. Grandma Mom #2 thank you for being a beautiful mother-in-law. I feel very lucky to have you in my life. 

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