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December 10, 2017
While thinking about the title for this awesome Holiday Gift Guide I did feel you are probably reading a lot of them right now so here is another one to add to your running list. But, this one is filled with a lot of love and I do think you will want to grab these items right away for all the holidays coming up. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season. I am praying for a lot of peace and love. We sure do need it right now. Also remember to keep smiling as it makes people wonder what you have been up too and everyone needs a little happiness around them. 

Shine John Lennon in your room (office, home, anywhere).

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
And no religion, too
Nothing to kill or die for
Living life in peace... You...
Imagine all the people

Never been more relevant than today!

Pocket-sized animal Totems to help keep you calm anytime, anywhere!
Totem Tamers was created when a mother witnessed her son begin to have anxiety attacks and reconnected with a friend who struggled with panic attacks. Through both their experiences, Daniel Mather and Julie Stampler joined forces to create a product to help anyone who struggles with anxiety. There are four pocket-sized totems: Owl, Bear, Shark and Bulldog. Each Totem Tamer is accompanied with a book that are beautifully illustrated and helps guide you through your anxiety.  

3.  Spero-Hope, LLC
Jamie, the creator of Spero-Hope is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at age 33. She developed her own line of personal hygiene products that are aluminum, paraben and chemical free. These deodorants and body butters smell great and do not pollute your body. Through her products she is raising awareness for breast cancer and a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle.

I featured Jolly Oak in 2013 here on the blog which is founded my Mandy Fayne and Kim Strauss. I am excited they are back with new packaging and my favorite new flavor "nutz 4 s'mores" in perfect packet sizes for this mompreneur on the go! Check out all the flavors and the healthy ingredients here and scoop these up for everyone in your life. 

This month I partnered with good friend and amazing mompreneur Pamela Pekerman (I featured Pamela on the blog in 2015 here). 15% of the proceeds from this full circle Boy Meets Girl tee go to the Vasculitis Foundation, an "international  organization for patients with vasculitis, their families, friends and the health care professionals who care for them." Pamela lost her father, Ilya Peckerman, to this type of vasculitis disease on December 18th, 2009. It has been her mission to raise awareness since his passing.

My recent coverage on the blog here announced the BOY MEETS GIRL BLACK LABEL collaboration with Veronica Webb and Sophie Elgort. I am so excited to twin with my Dylan Reid now with these limited edition TODDLER TEES! Thank you to these amazing press outlets for the recent coverage on this collab: ELLE, WWD, Daily Front ROW.

If you are a Kristen Wig fan and you remember her skit on SNL you will chuckle with me seeing Dylan Reid enjoying this headband as much as mommy.

 Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday season!

*Please note all opinions are my own*

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Also check out this cool new app called Hintd where you can curate lists and share with your family and friends.


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