August 27, 2012
Being green is very important to me. Working in fashion, I love being able to create and use items that aren't harmful to the environment, but on-trend at the same time. For example, the Alice Tee's used in past collections were 100% organic both in dye and the screen technique! 
Black and White Alice tee from the Fall '08 Collection
 Here are some ways you can be eco-friendly everyday!!
1. Create an eco-friendly office:

2. Instead of using disposable bags, I use my Boy Meets Girl® eco-friendly tote bag to go to the grocery store instead of the plastic bags. I bring mine with me EVERYWHERE!!
with Micah Jesse, Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum at the micahjesse.com 5 Year Anniversary Party

3. Recycle old product to create new ones! It can be a fun DIY project too!. As you can see from past blog posts, i re-use lots of old/leftover fabrics and accessories to create new things.. like a fantastic scarf, a great head piece and even Halloween costumes! 
I always enjoy hearing new ways to be eco-friendly at home or in the office, so let me know what you do to be green!!


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