National Thrift Store Day!

August 17, 2014
For this fun National Day knowing that I am lover of all things vintage and thrifty I thought it would fun to gather some of my favorite past posts featuring anything and everything vintage. Enjoy and tap on the title to link to the throwback post!

Vintage Finds Vol.1

what I wore: Vintage "Book" Clutch

what I wore: NYFW

DIY Jewelry Organizer

what I wore: 2014 CLIO Image Awards

My tips: DIY creating a vintage nostalgic ring necklace!

Also for those of you wondering what is the difference between a Thrift Store, a Vintage Store and/or a Consignment Store is? Answers below:
  • A Thrift Store is a vintage shop/boutique which is privately owned. All the items for sale in the store were purchased by the store and then are resold at some sort of premium. The store gets their merchandise from any of number of sources.
  • A Vintage Store sells used clothes that are donated by individuals. The store normally donates the profits of the sales of the items in their store to go directly to a charity.
  • A Consignment Store is a place where individuals can sell their clothes too. The shop, as the dealer, takes a percentage of the profit for each item sold and you get a percentage as well. If your goods do not sell they will be returned to you.

Do you Thrift or Vintage Shop? Do you Consign? I want to know :)

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  1. wow! you have found some pretty cool stuff in your travels to thrift/vintage stores! very cool!